Announcing our new blog!

When I graduated with my MSW many years ago, I NEVER imagined I would be doing things like blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn as part of my job! YIKES! This stuff is stressful to learn and without  leadership and encouragement  from our amazing Dean Dr. Nancy Smyth, I would be too scared and overwhelmed to do this!

Do you ever feel like that in your job when there are so many changes you have to keep up with? 🙂

Why start a blogA blog allows us to provide you with more in-depth information on trending topics and we can share it quickly through a tweet, Facebook page post or LinkedIn update. In addition to being able to open the blog post from these other social media sites, you can also  fill out the form on the right side of our blog home page to receive an email notification when we publish a new post. Most of the time, I will be the primary blogger although we may occasionally bring in a guest blogger.

So stay tuned for our next post to be published soon!  (Same Bat-time, same Bat-station, for those like me who are old enough  to remember the original Batman TV show!) LOL! Yes, it’s true…I LOVE Batman!

And did you know I have this lovely, “priceless” tiara to celebrate my new status as a Blogging Goddess? And in my favorite color!

Blog goddess photo

Author: Lesa Fichte, LMSW, Director of Continuing Education

2 thoughts on “Announcing our new blog!

  1. “Same bat-time, same bat-station”… hahaha,, I am old enough… Although, I thought it was “bat-channel”? Hmmm…

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