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Lesa It’s nice to meet you! Welcome to our venture into the world of blogging as we offer  information to  support your professional development. This blog is a publication of the Office of Continuing Education at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. The School is  ranked in the top 12% of the best graduate schools of social work in the country, according to the most recent survey by U.S. News and World Reports.

“Behind the Human Curtain” is an expression of the parts of ourselves that we may keep protected or hidden from others. As social workers, therapists, and other human service professionals, we support people as they proceed in a path of healing. As we journey with them, we often have the honor of seeing people reveal the parts of themselves that they have kept hidden behind their “curtain.”

We have been training human service professionals since 1985. In addition to workshops in Buffalo, New York, we also have Buffalo based certificate programs for more in-depth skill development, online workshops, and an online Trauma-Informed Certificate Program. New programs are constantly being developed in response to the needs of social workers and other human service professionals. We also provide Training and Conference Support Services.

This blog site is maintained by Lesa Fichte, LMSW, ACSW, Director of Continuing Education who serves as the primary blog author.

Visit our webpage to learn about our services at www.socialwork.buffalo.edu/conted

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Contact us:

Email: sw-ce@buffalo.edu

2 responses

29 01 2015
Mary McHugh

I just read the blog ‘got barriers’ and was impessed with the breath and depth of not only her personal journey but the passion to pass it on. Love this blog

30 01 2015
UB Social Work Continuing Education

Thanks, Mary! We appreciate your kind works and support!

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